The Lil’DudeZ Series came to life the early part of 2015. It stems from my love of robotics, animation and everything Sci-Fi. Although I am in my mid forties I have never stopped tapping into that inner child. I still love playing video games, reading comics and collecting figures and toys. I feel most adults have forgotten how to play. To loose themselves again in fantasy and let their imaginations run wild. My Lil’DudeZ awaken that inner child in my viewers and with a smile they begin to recount those youthful days. Today’s world is harsh and I feel proud that my Lil’DudeZ help to, if just for a moment, bring joy and fond memories to my viewers and collectors lives.



"CARBON8" $285

"CARBON8"  $285

"SodaPOP" $285

"SodaPOP"   $285

"Jesse-Jay" $699

"Jesse-Jay"   $699

"Storm" $325

"Storm"  $325

"Raven" $385

"Raven"   $385

"Sid Fusion" $225

"Sid Fusion"  $225

"Coursing Thru Time" $285

"Coursing Thru Time"  $285

"Hestia" $265

"Hestia"  $265

"At the Stoke of Midnight" $225

"At the Stoke of Midnight"   $225

"Ruby Red" $225

"Ruby Red"   $225

"Hephaestus" $165

"Hephaestus"   $165


"TOXICOLA"  $325  (SOLD)

"The Fates" (SOLD) $225

"The Fates"   (SOLD) $225

"Papyrus X" (SOLD) $225

"Papyrus X"  (SOLD) $225

"Drac-X" $225 (SOLD)

"Drac-X"  $225 (SOLD)

"ICE" (SOLD) $225

"ICE"  (SOLD)  $225

"Optical Manipulation of Time" (SOLD)$85

"Optical Manipulation of Time"  (SOLD)$85

"Time Lapse in a Blink of an Eye" (SOLD) $325

"Time Lapse in a Blink of an Eye" (SOLD) $325

"Radiant Glow as Time Withers Away" (SOLD) $225

"Radiant Glow as Time Withers Away" (SOLD) $225

Guestbook for "Lil'DuDeZ" - Sculptures
3.Ruby Munoz(non-registered)
I fell in love with the Lil DuDeZ when I visited the 4 Art Studio one day. They are so unique and creative. I love the urban feel of them and how they each have their own personalities. Each Lil DuDeZ is so well made and the detail is amazing. We ended up coming home with one. A few weeks later we fell in love with another one and she came home with us as well.
2.China P. Campbell(non-registered)
It's like when RMR, Pixar and transformers collide. Then you have the birth of "Lil'DuDeZ". I'm proud owner of "The Ambient of Time on the Move". Great job Robin!
1.Kathy Russell(non-registered)
Ok. I'll admit. I am obsessed with the Lil'DuDeZ. Each one is so unique. I really love the fact that each one is an original. My husband purchased his and has it in his office. I love to go into my husband's office and look at his Lil'DuDez. Everytime I do I see something I hadn't seen before. Now it's time for me to purchase my own. I'm definitely a fan and plan to be a major collector! Robin thanks for birthing the Lil'DuDeZ momma!
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